The CFO said, “What if we invest in training them, and then they leave?”
The CEO replied, “What if we don’t, and then they stay?”

We are a company that understands how to leverage generations now to prepare for the impending talent gap* of tomorrow.

We provide strategic consulting and training specifically to redesign and improve critical junctures that impact the talent gap:

>> On-boarding programs - Excite Millennials and build the right capability as efficiently as possible

>> Manager Capability - Train managers in the unique skills needed to manage Millennials. Alternatively, ensure your young Millennial leaders have multi-generational management capability.

>> Knowledge Transfer & Cross-Generational Collaboration - Implement strategies to capture valuable Boomer & Veteran/Traditionalist experience and create a culture of collaboration between generations through our lauded training programs

>> Millennial Turnover - Identify root cause and implement strategies to engage and retain Millennial talent

*The talent gap refers to the void in leadership and skills in the next five-ten years driven by the high volume of eligible retirees and the cultural differences of the Millennial generation.


Crystal Kadakia speaks at TEDx Sarasota

American Society of Training and Development: International Conference and Exposition 2014

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Millennial Speaker

ASTD ICE Interview

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