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**7/17 – Learning Technologies Tradeshow**8/5 – Atlanta ASTD Conference**8/26 – SHRM Atlanta Symposium**10/6 – HR Florida Conference**

What do organizations today fail to understand about Millennials? That the issues aren't generational differences, but designing a positive, competitive future of the workplace.

Instead of focusing on the standard generational differences training, we deliver your true need: Accelerating effective future leadership and creating a collaborative workplace to minimize loss and  increase productivity.

Consulting Services: We create strategic solutions to attract, develop, and retain for the current and future landscape of talent, including Generation Y/Millennials and beyond.

• Training Services: We provide your organization with leading programs through our online Generation University™ and Generation Collaboration Model™ onsite training, designed to increase productivity, engagement, retention, and leadership pipeline. 


Crystal Kadakia speaks at TEDx Sarasota

American Society of Training and Development: International Conference and Exposition 2014

Interview by BusinessRadioX in partnership with Training Pros

Millennial Speaker

ASTD ICE Interview

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