What do 98% of organizations today fail to understand about Gen Y? That the majority of generational differences are irrelevant. 
Instead of focusing on the standard generational differences training, we deliver your true need:
Accelerating effective future leadership and creating a collaborative workplace to minimize loss and  increase productivity.


• Consulting Services: We create strategic solutions to attract, develop, and retain for the current and future landscape of talent, including Generation Y/Millenials and beyond.
• Training Services: We provide your organization with leading trainings through our online Generation University™ and Generation Collaboration Model™ onsite training, focused on building the core competencies needed to work across generations and create a positive future workplace.

Attract Gen Y

$25,000. The minimum number reported as a loss due to a bad hire.
Do you spend countless hours sifting through thousands of resumes and still can't find the right candidate? Or worse, go through the hiring process, only to have a declined offer, low performance, or turnover? Are you set up to have the right candidates come to YOU?
We develop and implement recruiting strategies that attract the best individuals for your roles and culture

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Develop Gen Y Leaders

As Baby Boomers retire and Gen Y enter the workforce, are your training and career development programs effective enough to generate a results-oriented leadership pipeline? We create strategies and programs tailored to delivering your business results and core company values.

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Retain Gen Y

Turnover costs anywhere from 20%-150% of an employee's annual salary - that's dollars lost on recruiting, training, rehiring, and ultimately lower productivity during the transition.
We are Gen Y - we can help you design and implement a culture that retains Gen Y employees.

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Generation Collaboration
Collaboration Training

Our leading training provides your workforce options to build competencies in working across generations. Our online certification course gives a foundation in generations as well as flexibility, while our onsite training provides deeper, engaging training to build key skills in working across generations.

Are you tired of the same old generational differences training? Want a training you can clearly link to results? We focus on the delivering the objective your business requires to remain competitive in the rapidly changing, diverse environment of today.

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